Bearing and grinning

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Off the back of very little sleep (first night solo-parenting nerves, I guess, with this one on the left having swanned off to Costa Rica yesterday), today was mainly a grin-and-bear-it kind of day. With more bearing than grinning, if I’m honest. But we got through it, and the kiddos have undergone that magical (and, let’s face it, life-saving) transformation from day-time loud (oh so loud) boisterous loons to night-time soft, sleepy angels all tucked up in soft, snuggly beds. So, hey ho, only another THIRTEEN days to go. I would write more, but I’ve vowed to make my top act of #selfcare during the jet-setter’s absence to stop burning the midnight oil and try to get some quality, pre-midnight shut-eye – all in the hope of becoming a kinder, more patient human by day, raring to take on my solo-parenting responsibilities like a pro (or something like that). I’d like to get into a decent (screen-free) night-time routine, though, as last night the head was just buzzing incessantly. Good reads I have at the ready (my bedside table book pile has been gathering an impressive amount of dust for some time now), but any other relaxing, sleep-inducing tricks and tips – as well as savvy suggestions for night-time routines – would be gratefully received 🙂 . . . #SleepTipsWanted #motherhood #mothering #parenthood #soloparenting #KateGetsMindful #MindfulSummer #MumBlog #pbloggersuk #mindfulness #Wellness #SeekingSleep #SelfCareForMums

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