Biscuit banter

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He’s baaack! In the two weeks he’s been away, we’ve encountered no major mishaps worth recalling, and the #anxiety and myriad niggling worries I had about manning the helm🚢 during his absence turned out to be largely unfounded. Despite years of on-off practice – the husband’s job means he travels🛩️ a lot – I’ve always gotten so wriggly and antsy🐜 about it, fretting about the various potential worst-case scenarios, particularly at night time when the responsibility of having two little humans👶👶 under my roof and in my sole care seems both scary and, well, a bit ludicrous, to be honest. Basically, I can be a bit of a wimp🐔 about it all. But this time was notably better. Calmer. Less stressful. Less shouty. No major changes were made to achieve this shift, though I did make a small but consistent effort to regularly cajole my characteristically whizzing, winding, meandering mind into staying firmly in the here and now, rather than jumping ahead to hypothetical disaster scenario X, Y or Z. Oh, and the deep breaths – there were quite a few of those to be had, too. Plus of course wine🍷 (for me) and biscuits🍪 (for everyone), but perhaps that goes without saying. Nowt wrong with reaching out for the biscuit tin during times of trouble. Wishing you all a calm, stress-free end of week – biscuit-aided or otherwise 🤗#motherhood #mothering #parenthood #parenting #soloparenting #MumsAbroad #motheringabroad #MumBlog #PBloggersUK #mindfulness #calmness #stressfree #KateGetsMindful #MindfulSummer #MindfulMoments #AndBreathe #SelfCare #SelfCareForMums #BiscuitsSaveLives #MinesADigestive

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