Curating Kindness: Introducing… The Friendly Bench™

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Photo: ©The Friendly Bench™ 2018

In an earlier blog post, I took the plunge and finally unveiled what I’d been *intending* to pen about here on the blog for some time – but had apparently been too much of a cowardy, Kate-like custard to do so until recently. As outlined in that rather wordy, but oh-so earnest and (if I do say so myself) utterly awesome post (!), the topic of loneliness is one that’s dear to my heart, not least because it’s an issue that can cause considerable emotional and physical wear and tear for us all, regardless of our age, gender, background or Easties vs. Corrie leanings (rest assured, even if you’re not Easties-inclined, we can still be friends – we’re all for openness and inclusiveness round here, after all). And as with every social challenge, the sparkly silver lining lies in the potential for change – and I’m currently on a mission to prove that where loneliness is concerned, change is, both in the UK and beyond, most definitely afoot.

To get the ball rolling on this long-awaited (I’m sure you’ll agree!) series of Humans Doing Great Stuff in the battle against loneliness, I’m honoured to present the story behind rapidly-growing UK social enterprise, The Friendly Bench™. The Friendly Bench™ founder, Lyndsey Young – an entrepreneurial powerhouse with a wealth of experience in crafting creative solutions for tackling some of society’s most cumbersome challenges – was kind enough to share with me her reasons for taking on the vast issue of loneliness at grassroots level, and her hopes and aspirations for the seemingly simple – yet immensely impactful – concept and organisation which Lyndsey developed and launched, almost single-handedly.

If your bag is kindness, friendship, inclusiveness, diversity, and connecting communities with nature and each other – all in a bid to end loneliness, the intergenerational way – I believe Lyndsey’s story might just be for you. To find out more, why not wiggle your way over to the brilliantly uplifting Good News Shared, where you can read the full article in all its upbeat and inspiring glory (because, in case you haven’t already noticed, I have absolutely no qualms about tooting the horn of brilliant social enterprises and charities doing terrific thangs in the world). Happy reading, everyone – it’s a longun’, but a good’un, I promise!    #CuratingKindness