Hoarding happiness

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I’ve been feeling a bit lost at Insta sea🌊 lately, not really sure what I’m doing here anymore, and struggling to remember why I joined in the first place.🤔 For anyone who’s been oh-so patiently bearing with me for a while now, I can only apologise for the rather confuzzling mish-mash of #motherhood rants intertwined with #endloneliness chat and #mindfulness musings; I’m well aware that these three don’t necessarily jump out at as natural-born, happy-go-lucky trio of insta-friendly topics. I mean, motherhood + #selfcare + #wellness + #loneliness + #charity stuff, all cobbled together, ain't exactly neat & niche-y, I spose. But if I was really pushed to find a common strand amongst the ramblings, I’d venture that for me, the whole self-care & wellness thing comes down to a few key, basic elements: #friendship, #companionship and #kindness really are, when shizzle hits the fan, what pull me through, each and every time. Spending time in the company of kind-hearted humans is my jam, and whilst there’s obviously nothing like real, in-the-flesh interactions, I’m greatly comforted by the knowledge that there are some thoroughly good eggs out there blazing a trail on the Insta scene in their attempts to sprinkle happiness and joy left, right and centre. A suitably higgledy-piggledy, in-no-particular-order list of IG accounts that have prompted me to smile and feel good about the world recently include: @emma_cantrell (founder of the brill @firstdays_ charity), @the_art_tiffin, @goodgym, @marmalade_trust, @clementineappuk, @kelly_thebeesknees, @playingoutcic, @tinytrowels, @mamas_scrapbook, @together_proj, @the_positive_planner and @thehappynewspaper, amongst many others. And don’t even get me started on the barrage of cute, fluffy pups🐕 wagging their wondrous stuff in the name of community building + companionship for people in need – those fellas deserve a dedicated post of their own (all in good time, my furry friends). What about you guys? Who are your trusty, go-to givers of joy who pull you out of a funk and leave you feeling tip-top & tickety boo? I would love to hear your suggestions 🙂 #HumansofJoy #CuratingKindness #mentalhealth #HoardingHappiness

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