Mountains and molehills

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With the reality hitting us last week that we need to move house and find another rental quick-sharp, I’ve been feeling all in a tizz the last few days, and, if I’m honest, a bit scared and panicky. Following a substantial wobble over the weekend, getting totally carried away about the unhelpful ‘what ifs’, and falling down a rabbit hole of catastrophizing and blowing things massively out of proportion, what eventually snapped me out of my #anxiety funk was, of course, my people. Between my husband and a few close friends here to lend a sympathetic ear, the opportunity offered by #companionship and conversation meant that I could voice my fears in a kind, compassionate and safe space, without feeling judged or belittled. And just by having someone to talk things through with meant that what started out as huge, catastrophic hurdles in my messy, muddled head, became – once verbalised – significantly reduced in their perceived grandeur. Rather than stewing in the ‘crisis’ on my own, having a dialogue with someone else helped me come to the realisation that I really was, in this case, making a mountain out of a molehill. Which brings me back to my trusty old topic of #community, #friendship and #connection. I feel fortunate to have a merry little crew of people who will humour me/put up with my latest worries, concerns, hopes and fears: my small but perfectly formed clan help keep me sane and, on a good day, smiling. Not everybody is in this boat – particularly some #olderpeople who live alone – and it’s for this reason I continue to keep banging the #EndLoneliness drum, because nobody should have to feel insecure, anxious or frightened, particularly when oftentimes the solution can be reached through a good chinwag with a friend over tea & a biscuit. We don’t have a solution yet for our accommodation debacle, but we have some houses to see today, and I’m confident that whilst things might be a tad stressful over the next few days, it’ll all work out in the end. Whatever you’re up to this week, I hope you have some fab friends and some cool cat companions to help you sail through, stress-free and fearlessly! #endlonelinessuk #AProblemShared #itsgoodtotalk #BeKind

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