Pottering and pizza

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It’s very rare that I can say this with any degree of authenticity when the kiddos are involved, but today was, on the whole, pretty ‘chilled.’ Don’t get me wrong; the personettes’ bickering and squabbling still played a fairly prominent role throughout the day, but there was also a decent amount of pottering and moseying going on. A trip to the dentist for my best girl turned out to be more fun than it sounds (it was just a check-up, and the movey-up-and-down chair, the squirty water spray thingy and the free ‘balloons’ – who knew dentists’ gloves were so versatile – proved a big hit); a stroll through town; a nap for the wee one (wahooo!); sofa snuggles and Paddington Bear with my biggest imp (all the feels for that film); coffee and a run around at our fave spot (@geekandcoffee your amazing garden is forever my saviour in this beautiful but not so kiddie-friendly town), and finally pizza for dinner before a quick flannel wash rather than a bath, because, well – why ruin a perfectly good day?! So looking back, when I say ‘chilled’, what I really mean is just plain lazy. But since we’re on day 12 of 14 of the husband being away, I think we’ve sort of earned a lazy one – and to be honest I expect we’ll be doing more of the same on Sunday. Whatever you have planned for the rest of the weekend, I hope there is some serious laziness and adequate R&R scheduled in for somewhere along the way (not least because us lazy folk always feel ‘better’, a.k.a. slightly less guilty, when we’ve got company!) #lazyweekend #selfcare #calmness #wellness #motherhood #mumblog #PBloggersUK #MindulLiving #MindfulMum #EverydayMindfulness #smallmomentsofcalm #thelocalwayfarer #PolychromaticYouth #MyHappyViews #Positivity #PotteringandPizza

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