Beyond penning about all things happy here on the blog, I can also be found offering the following communications consultancy services to non-profit organisations and other cool cats:

Writing  –  Editing & Proofreading  –  Podcasts & Voice-overs –
Translation & Interpretation

Web copy / Annual Reports / Policy papers / Position statements / Blog posts / Correspondence

Whether it be for the web or print materials, I have nearly 10 years of experience in taking technical subject matter and clunky jargon, and whipping them into dreamy prose for wider audiences. Should the remit be clear & concise, flowery & fanciful, inspiring & imaginative, or a merry mélange of the aforementioned and more, I work with clients to craft messages that get to the heart of the matter and pack a punch.

As a linguist by training and a word nerd by nature, I derive oodles of joy from ensuring that a piece of text – based on its composition, sentence structure, word usage and grammar – is suited and booted and ready to shine. With close to a decade of experience in editing and proofreading annual reports, policy papers, position statements, web copy and internal communication materials – and a specialty in harnessing cohesion and clarity in documents written by multiple authors of different mother tongues – I revel in the glamour of grammar, guaranteeing copy with pizazz for ultimate impact.

Need to bring your story to life with crisp, engaging audio material? I can help to deliver just that. With a focus on showcasing the tangible results and impact on the ground of international development projects, I have experience in the A–Z of podcast production, undertaking the initial research stage and working with clients to agree on the interview design process, before going into recording and carrying out final edits prior to wrap-up. If required, I can also provide transcripts of the audio interviews, or go one step further and produce storytelling packages: building on the original audio source material, I can craft feature-style pieces suited to your audience. Oftentimes these are evergreen pieces that can serve multiple hooks across an organisation’s communications calendar.

*Fun fact of the day: Whilst this service is a relatively recent addition to my skillset, I have also been known to dabble in the delivery of voice-overs for foreign language films on international development. Please note I have a pretty standard (received pronunciation) British accent, and have not yet mastered the art of feigning Anglophone accents other than my own to any convincing degree (though my Sean Connery impression is a work in progress).

Whilst I am NOT a qualified translator or interpreter, my background in languages – I am fluent in Spanish, with advanced French and passable Portuguese – bolstered by my 12+ years of living and working abroad, have on several occasions proven a useful asset when working on communications projects, particularly in the field of international development, and/or when working with multi-cultural and multilingual teams. I have found that my ability to take on ad-hoc translation and interpretation assignments (usually in support of a specific communications or policy task) has often led to richer and more meaningful collaborations with Lusophone, Francophone or Hispanic partners for numerous international workshops and UN conferences (such as the CFS, the UNFCCC COPs and the Rio+20 Summit, to name but a few).